Oil, Pastel & Encaustic Art


The Art of Oil Painting

As a painter, I create artwork by exploring color and form with encaustic, pastel or oil painting mediums. The unique properties of each medium produces visual imagery  different from each other.     Oil paint offers a buttery consistency with which I enjoy blending shadows and color, topped with highlights for the realistic approach of defining a subject as in A Perfect Pair, Judged a winner at the March 2017 Associate Artist show. 

The original painting  A Perfect Pear is now available here, plus a choice of Fine Art Giclee Reproductions!  See the  category Shop All Anna's Artwork for details.  

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The Art of Pastel Painting

Plein air painting with pastel lends the ability to capture both the soft and vivid hues of landscapes exactly as they appear at any given moment.  Labor Day 2016.

All of the paintings you see here and in my website's store are available as fine art giclee reproductions. For details see the category Shop All Anna's Artwork, and please visit often for updates!

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The Art of Encaustic Painting

Encaustic painting, Hydrangea, with layer upon layer of hot waxy colors, can generate different points of view, depending upon an individual's interpretation.  The most delightful aspect of an artful journey are the endless possibilities of expression through exploration. Please see category Shop All Anna's Artwork.

"If you can see or imagine it, I can create it".  Anna

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